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With More Than 1500 Clients Golden-Cohen Has The Experience That You Can Count On

If you have ever spoken with other Benefit Professionals you already know that every one promises great service and extraordinary knowledge. Every agent promises to guide you through today's highly regulated environment. But how do you really know?

That is why we have created this page. We believe that the best way for you to know about what we do is to hear from our clients. And unlike so many other websites, if you come back over time you see new testimonials from our clients because our goal is to not only meet but to exceed our client's expectations.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to exceed your expectation!


"I am writing to you today to acknowledge one of your employees, Coleman Kelley. He is the Account Manager for my husband and my company, Selective House Publishers. He is professional, easy to work with, and knowledgeable about the products he handles. I enjoy and appreciate Mr. Kelley as our Account Manager as I know he always has our best interest at heart. When I need help with the insurance process, he is always ready to help. HIs work ethic and representation of NFP Golden and Cohen allow us to confidently choose NFP Golden & Cohen again for the 2017-2018 insurance broker for our company. "

Darcy Seigneur
Business Manager, Selective House Publishers (7/20/2017)


"Dear Stephanie, I want to let you know how helpful Cole has been to my Company, and specifically assisting Karen Sandler, my employee and sister-in-law with her insurance questions and issues. Cole is truly a one-in-a-million type of employee. He is certainly an asset to your company, and a total “gem” as an employee.

Thank you and your company for all of the assistance.

Kay W. Sandler, Esq. (4/20/2017)
President, Lawyers Advantage Title Group, Inc.

"You are so fast and helpful. Thank you so much!"

Beth Williams
Human Resources at Celebration Church (4/12/2017)


"Customer service ranks at the top of my list when interacting with any organization. It is the tone of the customer service that determines whether one will continue to patronize a business or never give business to them again. For me, dealing directly with Cole has been the former of the two as he has been stellar with not only his customer service, but I am moved by his compassion to care. To illustrate, over the Christmas break, one of our Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Fellows had difficulty obtaining a prescription for a much-needed medication. She emailed me and I sent it directly to Cole. Within less than one hour after hitting send, the issue was resolved. At a time when most are unavailable until post-holidays, Cole was readily accessible to my and the fellow’s surprise. However, this would not only be the demonstration of his unwavering commitment to providing excellent service.

Just today, I had an appointment with my physician for an annual exam. Since I had not received my insurance card in the mail, I panicked at knowing I may have to reschedule due to not having a card to verify coverage. I phoned Cole and he answered in his always assuring voice. Three minutes later, I had an email in my inbox with a copy of the card and was able to see the doctor. This is just another example of how Cole goes above and beyond to make sure the customer has well taken care of.

I could not go further without sharing with you how Cole has made such a significant impression upon me. Sans doubt, if your other employees are as astute and attentive as he is, you by far have one of the best firms inside the beltway. Kudos to you, Brandon and Stephanie, for securing high caliber talent who make a positive difference in the lives of others – including mine!

Dr. Kwamme Anderson (1/17/2017)
Vice President, Programs of Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

Brandon, our Account Manager, is always quick to respond to our requests and offer suggestions on benefits that will be a best fit for our agency. Thanks for all that you do!”"

Nicole Lucas, MSW
Director of Programs NAMI Montgomery County (1/16/2017)

"Brandon has helped me solve innumerable problems, big and small. Whenever I run into an issue he is my first call, and he is often able to solve it immediately. If it requires more time he checks in, lets me know the status, and is dedicated to following through until it is completely resolved. And he is always cheerful when he does it! Thanks, Brandon!"

Claire Natkin (1/13/2017)
Folger Shakespeare Library - Benefits Administrator

“I am so thankful for all the superb and speedy teamwork of Golden & Cohen used to resolve a very important employee matter in such a satisfactory way. The entire team sprang into action first thing on Monday morning to contact all the relevant parties. The fact that we were able to come to resolution and get back to our employee before noon on the first business day after she registered the problem shows exemplary commitment and customer service of the entire G&C staff. This is so important to our credibility as an organization, as well as to each individual who depends on us. G & C truly went above and beyond on this one, as they have on a number of other occasions to help our employees get the best care and service possible.”"

Amy Dawson Taggart, Vice President of Human Capital, Council for a Strong America (1/28/2016)

"What impressed me most about Shari was her sincere interest in helping me rather than selling me. The health insurance market has become incredibly complex. After speaking with Shari, I knew I was working with an expert who had my best interests at heart. She even made a follow-up call to check on my progress! I spent part of my career managing a customer support organization so I have a good feel for what qualities make for a great customer service rep. For me, Shari embodies those qualities. Golden & Cohen is fortunate to have her. If I was still in the business, I would be tempted to steal her."

Ben McClure, privately insured client (12/8/2015)

"Several years ago, we hired Stephanie Cohen of Golden & Cohen to handle our benefits. We selected her because she was knowledgeable, well regarded, but mostly because we knew she would always represent our best interests.

Last year during one of her visits, we discussed compliance. There are some many things a small group needs to do, but often does not do. Stephanie pointed out that we were required to have a wrap document to be in compliance with the DOL. We took her advice and got the document. Just months later, the DOL asked us for a wrap document. All we can say is "Thank you Stephanie".

Stephanie and her team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. If you're looking for someone who will take care of all your Healthcare needs so that you can focus on running your business, Stephanie is for you. Five stars. Two thumbs up. And a massive thank you.

Will Friend (11/11/2015)
CEO, Bisnow, LLC

"Scott Golden of Golden & Cohen has been our health insurance broker for over 20 years. Over that time, there have been many changes in health insurance, but the one thing that has remained constant is Scott’s commitment to the best interests of our group. He has worked through difficult renewals, helped transition to different plan designs, helped us make difficult decisions, and supported our employees in times of need by assisting them with claims issues and other highly personal issues. He has also educated us on the Affordable Care Act and how we might be impacted in the future. In short, he has been a solid advocate for Tower over these many years; he shows great passion for making our employees happy. We appreciate his efforts and are very inspired by Scott's philanthropic efforts to find a cure for ALS in our community."

Jeffrey S. Abramson & Gary M. Abramson (4/17/2015)

"Scott Golden and his staff were very instrumental in helping us transition from a small business health care plan to large business coverage without any complications. He explained the changes and challenges very early in the process. We developed a plan, settled on contributions, and worked through it to a reasonable solution for both CHR and it's employees. Scott and his staff provided enough information to assure our employees understood the new plans and even assisted certain employees with their very specific issues. Scott and his entire team of professionals continue to provide excellent customer service & immediate responses to inquiries and resolve all issues in a timely manner. If a take charge team is what you need in the complicated insurance world, we would most definitely recommend their services."

Stella Lenis (3/26/2015)
Manager Contract & Human Resources Corporate Health Resources, Inc.

"I am extremely happy that we switched to Golden & Cohen as our insurance broker last year. Every time I deal with our account manager, Amanda Shilko, it's a great experience, and I can't say that about most of our vendors. I actually enjoy having to deal with her and I know that whatever problem we have it will get fixed quickly (usually in a matter of minutes and not days like with most companies)?, correctly, and she will treat me wonderfully through the entire process. She is a great asset to a firm that clearly makes it a point to surround their clients with great people!"

Russell C. Bennett (3/6/2015)
Accountant & Office Manager Global Financial Integrity

"We are so grateful for Stephanie Cohen going to bat for us with Carefirst. Her persistence & dedication brought a huge relief to our lives. Our pharmacy confirmed that the credit she fought to get us went through. Not having to worry about how to afford this vital chemotherapy has taken an immense amount of stress off our shoulders!"

Steven C. Smith (2/20/2015)
Managing Partner, HSF,LLLP

"Registering with DC Health Link was no easy task. The system was down for a week during our 2 week open enrollment process, and rejected our confirmed passwords several times. Fortunately, Brandon Quick and the team at NFP Golden & Cohen were able to take on the burden of trouble-shooting, contacting DC Health Link for us, and getting us registered just in time to meet the deadline. In addition, Golden & Cohen walked us through the plans available, how they work, and even made a translator available for our Spanish-speaking employees. We appreciate the team's patience and prompt attention to our every question -- and above all -- ensuring that our team does not go with out something as important as healthcare!"

Marie Knowles (1/12/2015)
Vice President, The New LeDroit Park Building Co.

"My insurer refused to cover a family member’s medical procedure normally covered under our plan because we failed to obtain preauthorization — even though we tried to get preauthorized, but were unable to do so because of an administrative error made by our insurer. Medical necessity prevented us from postponing the procedure until the error was resolved, and as a result, our insurer denied our initial claim as well as multiple appeals. Fearing our insurance company had us caught in a Catch-22 in which we would be charged thousands of dollars for the insurer’s mistake, we turned to Stephanie Cohen. She provided valuable guidance that helped us present our case directly to the DC Insurance Commissioner’s Office (as well as the insurance company’s CEO). Within a month, our appeal was finally granted and the procedure was covered in full."

Jeff Jensen (10/7/2014)
Senior Economist, Keybridge

"Stephanie’s knowledge & expertise in the benefits field has created a plan which has enabled our employees benefit’s costs to be reduced. This has both increased staff moral while decreasing premiums thus increasing their monthly paychecks."

Cydney Bunn (9/7/2014)
IMA World Health, Human Resources Director

"Scott Golden and his firm has been instrumental in helping us navigate through a very difficult renewal; not only my CPA firm, but my wife’s health consulting firm of 90 employees as well. He explained the changes and challenges early and often; we developed a plan and worked through it to a reasonable conclusion. He made sure our employees understood the new plans and even assisted certain employees with their very specific medical concerns. There is no one better at working through difficult situations than Scott. He does not shy away from the challenges, he attacks them."

Eric Cohen, CPA  (9/4/2014)
Managing Partner E. Cohen and Company, CPAs

"Over the past ten years, Jack Cohen has maintained us as an eligible group given the difficulty of the restaurant industry. He has upgraded us from a group sponsored plan to a comprehensive Medicare program. Jack redesigned this program for us to help offset the rising cost of health insurance! As 2016 approaches, I can rest assured that he will make sure I can provide an affordable health insurance option for all employees under the new ACA law."

Virginia Ali (9/3/204)
Owner of Ben's Chili Bowl

"I often get calls from other insurance brokers who try to lure us away from Golden & Cohen and I always say that I love G & C because the entire staff are so incredibly responsive and competent and that there is no way that we are switching brokers. The quick and clear response that I always receive is the proof of why we are such loyal clients."

Simone Schonenberger (8/28/2014)
Director of Volunteer and Human Resources Doorways for Women and Families

"Stephanie Cohen has been an enormous help in “navigating the maze” that is health insurance. She has personally helped our family by going the extra mile, being available any time of the day, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we got the coverage we paid for. We are truly grateful for her dedication and compassion in helping our family."

Mark Cantor (8/12/2014)
President- Jendell Inc.

"When one of my employees had nightmare issue with a CVS Caremark mail order I contacted Golden & Cohen. Not only was the employee not receiving his prescription, but Caremark wasn’t helping her when she contacted them. By the next day I received good news from Golden & Cohen. They had solved the problem & corrected it for us. The medicine my employee needed was made available to them that very day! I appreciate knowing that if an issue comes up, they will be there to quickly help which keeps my staff happy & my work life easier.

Lindsey Morris (8/12/2014)
Human Resources Manager, Shakespeare Theatre Company

"Working in Operations, it is rare to find a firm as knowledge and responsive as Golden & Cohen. Stephanie & her team literally take work off of my plate & my staff's plate. Stephanie's knowledge of ACA legislation and its impact on insurance practice is unparalleled. When any of us have specific questions, changes to address, or questions about doctors we contact Golden & Cohen to take care of the issue for us. Now that these matters don't always need to go through me, I can focus on other aspects of my job! Even better for my budget that they don't charge me for this additional service. Recently, we had a client that we needed help setting up insurance for and it was Golden & Cohen who made that possible, their responsiveness is outstanding."

Laura Ogborn  (8/12/2014)
Director of Operations at Capitol Compliance Associates, Inc.

"I had a new employee who desperately needed a prescription filled by the pharmacy and Carefirst was charging her the out of pocket enormous charge. This employee also needed to make an emergency Dr. appointment and was not able to do so because Carefirst did not register her in their system. Stephanie’s company was able to get the pharmacy to fill an employee’s prescription the next day at an insurance covered rate and a temporary insurance card for her Dr. appointment. I’m so grateful to know Stephanie will always be on call for our employees personal issues. My rating of four stars is more indicative of Carefirst deficiencies."

Wing Li (8/12/2014)
Resource Development Director and Chief Finance Officer at DC Law Students

"Scott helped us save 10-15% on our health insurance for the employees at our investment property. This was huge for us as it was a substantial expense that ate away at profits. Scott was creative in his approach and patiently explained how the solution would work. We agreed to the approach and the plan was executed flawlessly. Today, we still use Scott and the Golden & Cohen team as his service is fantastic; he bends over backwards for us. He treats us like we are the only client he has which is obviously not true, but it’s great to feel like the most important client."

Rory Coakley (8/12/2014)
President & Owner of Coakley Realty

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